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Except that there is way more to it than that. You can be placed into leadership. You can be made a king and have no idea how to rule. You can start a company and not know how to manage your staff. You can earn a leadership position. You can attain rank or position simply by doing well at most jobs. But none of that makes you a leader. That comes from trust, a willingness to be strong, and being more concerned with others than you are for yourself. And it is earned, never given.

Strength, not of a physical sense but of moral character and resolve, has an inherent draw to it. When you are strong, you stand with conviction and confidence while you lead your people in the direction they need to go. This also means that you have to be strong enough to trust yourself in your position. If you are leading, and someone is on the wrong path it is YOUR JOB to correct them. Sometimes being a leader means doing things that aren’t fun, but the job is lead people to be better. That means that from time to time, you have to explain why some things that aren’t fun need to be done. And it always means that you cannot please everyone. Being firm, fair, and honest in your strength leads to trust. Developing this strength, the strength to be resolute in your path will develop your ability to lead. 

Lead from the front. Lead with your strength.