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Die Living.    

This is the motto of a company called Soflete.  Soflete is a group of Special Operations soldiers (both active and past) that provide coaching and programming geared toward Tactical Personnel. They are also leaders in the movement that says surviving is NOT enough. We need to live!

I’m not going to speak about how they view their own motto. But I will talk about what it means to me. 

All too often I see people living their lives going through the motions. Getting jobs that pay the bills, but that they don’t enjoy. Getting off of work and seeking the refuge of their couch. Getting off their couch and finding the most convenient fast food they can. And then repeating that cycle. Every day. Until they die. They just spent their whole life and never actually lived. 

Instead, in my opinion, we should all be living to the highest degree possible. We should be doing all the things we “like” on the internet. If you say things like “I wish I could Everest” then let’s make a plan to get you to the top! If you want to surf in Bali, they ONLY thing holding you back from that is YOU. Make a plan, find your resolve, and attack your goals.

What you want, is possible with intelligent hard work. Don’t be afraid of the work. Embrace it. 

Use your life. Do good things. Do fun things. Be fit. Eat well. Die Living.