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Mathúin Pontoon. It rhymes. Like a match made in heaven. 

We’re going down the shore to have some fun! Bring yourself, bring some sunscreen, and bring some food. This is going to be one for the ages. (Only to be topped by next years)

Inspired by the Junk Boat party’s thrown in Hong Kong, we’re going to celebrate the end of summer, a week after labor day, with a great afternoon spent out on the water. There will be floaties, carbonated carbs, and music. There will be smiles, laughter, and NO EXERCISE. That’s right. This is just to hang out. Not a single burpee will be had. The only lifting done, will be 12oz curls (and even those are optional).

Bring your friends, bring your festive as fudge attitudes, and let’s end summer on a high note!

Everyone is welcome, sign up here!