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I work in a decidedly unpolitical career field. I own a facility that we work to keep free from politicals, hate, prejudice, and the like. My immediate world is full of love and free from bigotry. MY WORLD IS GREAT. 

My world is not THE world. 

It would be so easy to sit here and write about fitness. Or to write about nutrition. To just be quiet about everything that’s going on in my America. But in my world, we help people become strong. And we lead by example. 

What is happening is wrong. The weekend shed light on many fronts of many factions that have somehow held on from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The KKK still exists. The Nazis are still around. I don’t know enough about any other group to speak about them. But these two groups I know. I know the KKK because I can read. I understand history. And I understand what hatred looks like. The KKK started to fade away when Americans stopped tolerating them. If you don’t kill the snake, it can come back. Let’s finish it this time. 

The Nazi’s. Man, I don’t know. My Grandfathers fought a war to stop that nonsense. And now some idiots think that it’s ok to hold that flag in our country. It’s not. It has never been. It never will be. If they think that they can walk out in public and America will turn her cheek then das dicke ende kommt noch for them. 

Tomorrow, I’ll return to fitness related writing. But some things need to be voiced. In times such as this, historically, the only thing that needs to happen for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. And that’s just not in our blood.

 At Mathúin we are open to the public. We make our training available to anyone looking to get fit. Regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or any other reason that you may not be the same as me. If you are looking to get stronger and fitter, we are here for you. 

Be proud Americans. This is your country.