Are you a leader?

Except that there is way more to it than that. You can be placed into leadership. You can be made a king and have no idea how to rule. You can start a company and not know how to manage your staff. You can earn a leadership position. You can attain rank or position...

Die Living.

Die Living.    This is the motto of a company called Soflete.  Soflete is a group of Special Operations soldiers (both active and past) that provide coaching and programming geared toward Tactical Personnel. They are also leaders in the movement that...

Wim Hof and his method.

Pretty interesting stuff that I’m still wrapping my head around. Give this a watch and post your thoughts to the comments! Video courtesy of Lewis Howe. @mikevidas

Blueberry Hill

Come join us on Sunday at 10 am. We’re going to meet at Blueberry Hill in Gibbsboro for a short hike. We’ll go for an hour or so and this trail is dog-friendly. Come on out and start your Sunday the right way!@mikevidas