Individual Design


Individual Design

Mathúin Athletics‘s Individual Design program allows us to fine tune and track your fitness progression using technology along with good old fashion sweat equity. Our expert coaches will not only teach you what to do, but the science behind why. Everybody is different and we will design a unique program of fitness, nutrition, and accountability to take you safely and effective to your health and fitness goals… and beyond.


Training: This is where real progress is made! With our individually designed programs, interaction with the coaching staff will occur daily.  All of your workouts and day-to-day communication will be completed in-person and through your phone, tablet, or computer. We coach will utilize FitBot to update results, monitor progress, and develop a customized program for your journey.  Our professional coaches will provide support and direction for you and ensure you are moving properly, safely, and matching the intent of the program that your coach designed.

Ongoing Consultations: The ultimate goal in this stage is to ensure your progress as well as continue to build the relationship with your coach. Providing updates to your coach regarding lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, and stress will ensure your program is as unique as you!  According to plan, the client has a consult with the coach to check-in on how the training process and experience is developing. This is the coach’s way to ensure consistency, revisit goals and make sure everything is aligned with long-term priorities.

Individual Design Features

Strength & Conditioning

Mathuin Athletics‘s Individual Design is purposely segmented to allow each individual the opportunity to focus on strength, endurance, or weightlifting. Workouts can be adjusted in weight, intensity, and certain mechanics.

Olympic Lifting

With a USAW Certification, Mathúin Athletics’ Individual Design will help you improve your technique and develop great strength and power. Whether you are a new or developing lifter, we’ll help you learn to lift with efficient technique suited to your body.

Ongoing Support

Our program is designed to help you stay consistent. We’ll provide you with all the tools to stay in line with your long term goals.

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