If it doesn’t Challenge you, it doesn’t Change you.

Simply put, Mathúin Athletics’s mission is to help you, “Change Your Life With Us.” After spending time in our facility and with our team we want our members to walk out of our doors after a workout and feel like they are better version of themselves. It isn’t the scientific sum of calories, workouts and weight that keeps our members returning. It is not the cutting edge equipment and technology. It is the people that count. Our team cares about guiding and encouraging each and every member to obtain the goals they seek for themselves. Our members’ goals are specific and if we can assist in that journey to realizing their aspirations then we have truly helped them change their life.

Road Map

You have the goals and the motivation. We have the knowledge and the resources. Let us help you plan your trip for your new journey.


Data is the secret ingredient to successful training. We track every number that you lift within our walls, making you become better, faster.


We offer the largest FREE accountability group on the planet. We workout and play together often. Workouts aren’t bad when you’re making new friends.


The best nutrition education hands down. Whether your goal is to lose 100 pounds of fat or put on 30 pounds of muscle. Our nutrition guidance guarantees results.

I can't tell you how much Crystal and Mike have done for me. This is not a gym, and that's what makes it special. It's a completely different experience to workout at Mathuin. Your workouts are completely tailored to your goals and needs. #notagym
Ed K. 
The ability of the coaches to create real substance from the broader goals. Helping realize the necessity to focus more on the smaller tasks which help us accomplish the larger goal.
Philip Thornburgh 
Since starting I have gained so much confidence in what my body can handle physically and mentally. I am stronger from the inside out all thanks to the Mathuin family.
Sarah S. 
I have gained strength and skill both physically and mentally that I did not know were even possible.
Christina Gallant 
It feels good to be back into the gym and have a coach that understands movement and programs towards the goals of the athletes.
Mark D. 


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